Oh God! Mama Made Mojitos!!


Mojito Recipe

I Failed The Test!!

Drunk Test

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Can You Tie A Knot Without Letting Go Of Either End Of The Rope?…

Here’s a challenge that really can be done! Pick a piece of rope and tie a knot without letting go of either end.

tie the knot

Solution HERE

If You Still Have Trouble… TRY THIS. 

How Much Money Did They Have To Spend To Prove This Theory?…Copulation cries help males rate success…

Males can tell by a female’s cry whether copulation has been an orgasmic experience.

The female emits ear-piercing calls when mating that vary depending on whether or not the male partner has successfully mated.


Evolution Of Apple & Windows OS’s… Which Side Do You Come Down On?

OS Evolution

HERE’S some of the machines that I still use that run every Mac system shown here… Lemmings still gets played in 7.5.5

This Bird Is Truly Macho… Or Is He Just Reckless?… Either Way… He’s My Hero!

kiss my ass bird

Ever Wonder How Google Gets Those Markers On Their Maps?

google marker

A Nice Nivea Commercial…

A Nude Model On The Street Promotes Using Nivea … For That Baby Soft Skin…

See It At Corkscrew-Balloon.com