Rice & Flour Shortage Coming To America… Sam’s Club & Costco Already Rationing…

From The N.Y. Sun

Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply.

At a Costco Warehouse in Mountain View, Calif., yesterday, shoppers grew frustrated and occasionally uttered expletives as they searched in vain for the large sacks of rice they usually buy. Shoppers said the limits had been in place for a few days, and that rice supplies had been spotty for a few weeks. A store manager referred questions to officials at Costco headquarters near Seattle, who did not return calls or e-mail messages yesterday. An employee at the Costco store in Queens said there were no restrictions on rice buying, but limits were being imposed on purchases of oil and flour.

Spiking food prices have led to riots in recent weeks in Haiti, Indonesia, and several African nations. India recently banned export of all but the highest quality rice, and Vietnam blocked the signing of a new contract for foreign rice sales.

The spot shortages seemed to be most frequent in the Northeast and all the way along the West Coast. There are reports of buying limits at Sam’s Club warehouses, which are owned by Wal-Mart Stores, but a spokesman for the company, Kory Lundberg, said he was not aware of any shortages or limits.

For now, rice is available at Asian markets in California, though consumers have fewer choices when buying the largest bags. “At our neighborhood store, it’s very expensive, more than $30” for a 25-pound bag, a housewife from Mountain View, Theresa Esquerra, said. “I’m not going to pay $30. Maybe we’ll just eat bread.”

It is worth noting that potatoes are making a comeback amid all this turmoil. 


Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned… LCO Posted Stories Weeks Ago Regarding Coming Food Problems With Chicken, Beef And Corn

When You And Your Kids Start Growing Extra Limbs… You’ll Know Why…In Lean Times, Biotech Grains Are Less Taboo…

extra legs

Soaring food prices and global grain shortages are bringing new pressures on governments, food companies and consumers to relax their longstanding resistance to genetically engineered crops.

In Japan and South Korea, some manufacturers for the first time have begun buying genetically engineered corn for use in soft drinks, snacks and other foods. Until now, to avoid consumer backlash, the companies have paid extra to buy conventionally grown corn. But with prices having tripled in two years, it has become too expensive to be so finicky.


If Japan & Korea Are Doing It… How Long Has China Been Shipping Products With Genetically Engineered Ingredients? … Wanna Bet You’ve Got Some In Your Pantry?

Hey Bob!… That’s My Idea!!!… You Snake!!


An Even Bigger Snake Than Bob…

big snake

I’m Not Puttin’ Him In My Car… You Arrested Him… You Put Him In Your Car!

Officer.. I Told You I Was Speeding Because I Have Diarrhea… What Do I Have To Do To Make You Believe Me?

poop pants

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How Many Times Do You Have To Shoot A Truck To Make It Look Like This?…

shot truck

President Bush’s View Of The Economy…


I’m So Happy They Finally Found A Place For Uncle Annie!

Ann Coulter held a book-signing at South Carolina’s Furman University and the University placed her signing desk in the toilet… It Just Warms My Heart To See Her In Her Proper Place… What’s even more hilarious … She’s so desperate that she stayed and smelled the poop! I’ll bet half the people used her book for toilet paper…

coulter toilet2

Talk about spin!.. Greenville Online says this was a PRIVATE book signing… In a restroom?!?

You set up a table in a restroom and call it a PRIVATE thing… So what’s the attendant in there called? The Maître d’ ?!?

Way To Go Annie!