Any Body Wanna Buy A Min Pin?

My buzzard of a brother Eddie talked me into getting the wife a Miniature Pinscher for our anniversary… Naturally… He sold me the dog at a “discount”… Plus the cost of flying the little bugger from FL to AZ.

When he got here he was the cutest little thing … All chocolate with green eyes…


But I’m a Mastiff guy… So I don’t hold much with little dogs… But everyone tells me you need a little dog so that the little dog’s superior hearing can be a trigger for the big dogs… Well… OK says I… Considering the big dogs can sleep through a tornado.

Oh Boy!… She loved him from the moment she set eyes on him… He got cuddled into her shirt and got his own pillow and got to sleep in our bed… IN OUR BED mind you … Not on our bed.

Then, the little shit got older and decided that my wife was his… He took to peeing on my side of the bed. That got him banned (a lot slower than I preferred).. So the little monster retaliated by chewing wires.

Now… My house is Wire Chewers Heaven… There’s more usb, firewire, ethernet and general cable around this place than you can shake a stick at… And lots of it in areas that a little 18 pound puppy can access in secret… Did I mention that the vast majority of that cable is connected to expensive stuff?… And the little monster’s got good taste too! A couple of high end joysticks for Flight Simulator X went bye-bye… several keyboards… 50 foot runs of Cat 5 cable.. camera cables.. speaker wires… The little rat wasn’t even phased when he chewed through the power cable for a big battery back up system!

chewed wires1chewed wires2chewed wires3joysticksjoysticks1chewed wires4

The kicker came when he (in one day!!) chewed through a whole router bundle and for dessert… Chewed through my personal keyboard cable… My Tactile Pro!

Cage!… Now!… Forever!

Now, whenever the little monster’s in the house… He’s either very closely supervised… or he’s caged.


There’s a new development… It seem the little beast has taken offense with the wind… That’s right… The Wind.

Wind blows… He Barks… Inside… Outside… In the car.

Meaning… He barks all the time. Nonstop.

He barks till he’s hoarse… And then he barks some more… If there’s a leaf moving… He’s barking… And of course the big dogs join right in.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a Min Pin bark… But it’s not a little chihuahua lap dog type yap… It’s a piercing loud “bark”… My house is brick with quad pane windows… And I can hear the little beast just fine when he’s in the yard…

Well… Imagine that piercing bark joined by the thundering “WOOFS” that four big Mastiffs can add… Then picture that from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on a Sunday… Nonstop.

If somebody loves Min Pins and wants a real pretty one… Come get him and I’ll buy the Mrs. something sparkle-y to help her get over the loss.


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