Worst Kind Of Spam?… Chain Letters!

chain letter

I know there’s a special place in Hell for all the jerks and hucksters trying to make my pee-pee bigger and cure my every ailment… And I don’t worry about them so much because my spam filters work pretty OK… But what about my close friends who forward me those obnoxious, bullying chain letters that promise riches and good luck beyond belief; but death, doom and destruction to anyone foolish enough not to forward it to at least eight people?

You know… It takes a sick megalo-maniac type of personality to concoct something that is purely designed to scare people into doing what you want. In the legal world… It’s called Blackmail and carries jail time.

And I’m not going to sit here and say that I haven’t fallen prey to some of them. Sometimes they’re just so damn on the money that I feel like I can’t possibly take the chance! But I’ve got one ground rule… If I realize what it is before I actually read the words “You MUST Forward This”... Then I’ve got the right to delete it.

Oh… I don’t blame my friends… Thats what friends are for… To get you out of a jam. And these folks that dream these things up must all be Psych Majors… ‘Cause they definitely know which buttons to push. And I don’t complain to them either… Just like they don’t complain to me when I fall victim and just HAVE to forward one to them.

But God help you if you’re just a casual acquaintance or a cold sender! Then I blind forward it back to everyone on the usually long CC list… And then block the sender. And if anyone is dumb enough to put “Forward to 10 people” in the subject line… Well… That’s why Apple puts that handy “Bounce” button on their Mail application.

Have you figured out that I got one today? Forward to at least 20 people it says… Took me 10 minutes to decide to trash it.. If I die tomorrow … I want a Hero’s funeral.

Apparently… This person is fed up too

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