Memorial Day… Yeah Mon!… And Amen.

No Matter What You Do Today… Spare ‘Em A Thought… OK?

memorial day

memorial day1

Animated Graffiti… Nice Video.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

I Don’t Know How Much Plainer It Can Be Stated…

war cannibalism

Another WTF?!?! Moment… An Anorexic Sexpot…

If You Don’t Find This Lady Sexy… Something’s Wrong With You! ;-)

sexy skinny

sexy skinny1

This Sk8r Got More Than He Bargained For…

Skate board inside a massive pipe?.. Cool! Except for one teensy little detail… Watch. – Watch more free videos

Determination… Maybe It’s Over-Rated…

 I’m not sure my level of determination extends to poop covered public humiliation…

Yay!… He ran the race!… He Finished the race!… Big Deal!.. He’s covered with his own sh*t!… But it shows he’s determined!… Yeah… Right.


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Larry…His Wife, Sue… And Their Sons, Larry Jr. & Mike…

“Sure…We still get some strange looks from unenlightened people… But we’re living proof that a mixed marriage can work despite what society thinks” – Larry

cat king

I Know It’s A Basking Shark… But It Sure Reminds Me Of Someone At My House…

basking shark

Monday’s Posts Will Be Late…

We Found Your Cat…

possum cat

Indian School Bus…

india school bus

You Can Always Trust Your True Friends…

Friends marker

Your New Work Schedule… Print It… Follow It…

work schedule

10 Things About You That Might Surprise You…

Find Out HERE

Your Average Americans…

average americans

9,500-Year-Old City Found Off The Coast Of India…

Even though this is from 2002… I found it interesting because I just finished Zecharia Sitchin’s “Earth Chronicles”

Discovery in Bay of Cambay May Force Western Archaeologists to Rewrite History…  

The civilization of Ancient Egypt occurred in a past so remote that today it seems mystical. The pyramids and other temples, with their hieroglyphics depicting a flourishing civilization, have a mysterious, almost magical appeal. It seems inconceivable that people of an advanced society could have walked those ancient streets.

Now, it was announced in January, a civilization has been uncovered that would have appeared just as ancient to the people who built the pyramids as the pyramids seem to us.

According to marine scientists in India, archaeological remains of this lost city have been discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India. And carbon dating says that they are 9,500 years old.

Read More HERE  and HERE

Serious… Dedicated… Weed Growers.

See the police car?… This is what comes of bragging & showing off to your “friends”…

weed growers

Moral of the story?… You put this much effort into your growing setup… Keep your mouth shut!!!

How To Leave The Perfect Voicemail…

From Art of

noah answer machine

Think through what you are going to say before you place the call. When men hear the beep, they often freeze up and forget what they wanted to say. If you want to be the go-to guy at work, then you have to exhibit competence on all levels. Don’t spoil your confident image by hemming and hawing and filling your messages with “uhhhhs,” and “ummmms.” If it’s a really important call, consider writing out what you want to say beforehand. If the person picks up, great, you now have some notes to remember what you wanted to talk about. If they don’t answer, you can leave a clear and concise message.

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My Internet’s Back Up!! Oh Joy!!

joyful woman

Discount Mammogram…


Bling My Benz… From Raymond In ATL

 This Saudi Prince Pimped His Ride For $4.8 Million…

bling benz1

bling benz2

bling benz3

bling benz4

bling benz5

bling benz6

bling benz7

bling benz8

bling benz9

Spanish Police Chase Motorcycle… These Guys Don’t Play!

Big Windstorm… Big Posting Problems…

My broadband is down… Dailup is really choppy… Friday posting is real iffy… I’m trying though!… Try the Archives Folks! 

You’ve Been A Baaad Girl!!

Damn Girl!… You Kiss Your Mom With That Mouth?!?

toilet kisses

I’ll Bet Her Daddy’s Soooo Proud Of Her!

Cool Planes… Funny?…Yes… But Some Of These Are Real!

Cool PlanesClick here for the most popular videos