Nutball Talking Head Bill Kristol Says “White Women Are The Problem” On Fox News…

The FOX “All Stars” on Sunday 2/3/08

Bill Kristol argued that Clinton would not be a valuable vice presidential pick because she lacks support beyond the “Democratic establishment and white women.”

The “establishment” can be ignored, Kristol argued, but “white women are a problem.” He added, “But we all live with them.”

“Not me,” said Juan Williams.

Brit Hume chimed in, “For the record, I like white women.”

“I know, I shouldn’t have said that,” Kristol concluded.

Ya Think!?!?! … Apparently Bill doesn’t have to go home to a white woman… I suspect the only reason the white woman sitting next to him didn’t clunk him one was because she was having a stroke at the time… That’s the way to keep the conservatives on point Billy… Alienate a bit more than half of the population of the US of friggin “A”… We know he likes Ann Coulter though… That just goes to my theory that she ain’t a she.

Since this guy got hired by the new york times… He’s really gotten full of himself… The first column he wrote at the Times made the editor say… “It was a mistake to hire him.” Read and listen to him with a eye over your shoulder… Especially if there’s any white women in the room!

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