Moonshine Whiskey… I’m Gonna Drink Some This Weekend…


Buddy of mine had a visit from the hills of North Carolina… Got himself two quarts of the good stuff.  This weekend promises to be… interesting.  Haven’t had any real ‘shine since my step uncle Dick from the hills outside of Birmingham, Alabama passed on.

I can’t handle the Mexican Moonshine called “Bacanora” … I get totally sh*t faced on  two shots of  the stuff my Yaqui Indian friends bring up from around Hermosillo… Of course… Since 2000… You can buy the stuff legally.. Takes the fun out of it.

Years ago… Before the Gulf War days… I worked in the Middle East; Where we’d occasionally get our hands on a local hooch called Sidiqui at the risk of public flogging and worse… Not bad stuff… If you like drinking kerosene.

Here’s a place you can get a recipe and instructions if you want to try your hand… If you do and don’t go blind … Drop me a line and we’ll make arrangements to get me a small sample!

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