Ralph Nader Announces A Presidential Bid For 2008… FuzzNutts Strikes Again!!!

Damned if you can convince me that Ralphie Boy isn’t a paid Republican operative… What an egotistical misguided megalomaniacal mindf*cker!!

This schmuck claims fame as the guy who made America’s roads safe when all he did was ruin the country’s first serious run at fuel efficient and sensible cars… We’ve never caught up with the Asians or Europeans in auto manufacturing yet.

And then megalomaniac jumps in to screw up the last two tight races so’s we end up with our own mad King George the 3rd… As far as I’m concerned… Ralph Nader has the blood of our troops and the thousands of dead Iraqis on his paws.

Somebody please roll him a joint…Buy him a hooker and send him over a cliff …

In a Corvair.

The comments on THIS POST pretty much say it for me…

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