Anybody Who Reads This Site Regularly Knows That PMS Is A Big Deal Around My House… I Pay A Huge Price For 1 Week Out Of Every Month… I Can State Categorically… That This Article Sucks And None Of The “Cures” Work…

How to Get Rid of PMS

It must have been at least five or six years ago when I first noticed that for one full day just before I get my period, I’m always incredibly irritable. Minor disagreements, tiny inconveniences, bad smells—all things mildly annoying—make me boil. You might think that after so many months of this, I would come to expect it and sort of schedule it in: “Okay, I’m going to be crabby that day. Better not leave the house.” But in reality, it always takes me at least half a day to recognize the underlying reason for my irritability. That means, for at least the first half of one day every month, I just think everyone is an asshole.


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