How Modern Civilization May End… Is Our Complexity Our Doom?..

Fred over at GoodShit was kind enough to put up an article that many of us wouldn’t otherwise see…

I’ve been railing about this particular part for years… We’re currently seeing the results of having idiots run our economy and nations… I got thrown out of a high level meeting a few years back when I went ballistic at the statement that a VP made that a big company CEO didn’t have to be very smart these days… The company nearly went bankrupt and was bought by one of it’s subsidiaries not a year later… The company is still struggling… I won’t mention the company name but you’d be surprised.

“To run a hierarchy, managers cannot be less complex than the system they are managing,” Bar-Yam says. As complexity increases, societies add ever more layers of management but, ultimately in a hierarchy, one individual has to try and get their head around the whole thing, and this starts to become impossible. At that point, hierarchies give way to networks in which decision-making is distributed. We are at this point.” 

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