The House Of Los Cuatro Ojos Has Lost It’s Mascot…


The King Is Dead… Bart… the de facto owner and editor-in-chief of the up and coming weblog, Los Cuatro Ojos… passed away peacefully on the morning of September 30th, 2008 after a short illness. He was surrounded by his friends and family. He was 13-1/2.

Bart worked hard to train the people who so foolishly considered themselves to be in charge of things at the home affectionately dubbed “The Rat’s Nest”… After taking over management from his mother, Lisa… Bart ran the operation efficiently and firmly. Although he brooked no opposition to his rule… He ruled his subjects with love and more than a little discipline.

Bart always spoke with authority… and people and Mastiffs alike learned to obey quickly and without question. He was affectionately called “The Old Buzzard” by family and friends… But never to his face.

One of the most outstanding memories we hold is of the two years that Bart chose to live as a dog… Despite the objections of his feline associates… Bart took on the role of the canine with an enthusiasm that alarmed his fellow felines and confused many canines… He learned to come when called (to the horror of his fellow cats)… Roll over… Beg… And he gave up purring for the duration. When he had completed the experiment to his satisfaction… He went back into the feline frame of mind like there had been no break at all.

Bart spent his last days in comfort and luxury… He spent his last night saying goodbye to his loved ones and left with the dignity and grace that marked his reign. His passing was marked by a Three Mastiff Howl and he was interred in the flower bed under the bedroom window.

Camouflage… Real And Imagined…






Fingerbeetleus PhotoShopicus…

Finger Bug

More On SeaMonkey…


I’ve been posting as well as browsing with the SeaMonkey browser for over two months now and I have to say that I’m still really, really impressed. This browser is fast, simple, stable and uncluttered. I’ve got my StumbleUpon bar and a couple of other add ons working with no issues and so far… I’ve only got one complaint… I can’t figure out the bookmarks bar… Although Bookmarks works just fine.

SeaMonkey is put out by the Mozilla folks and it shows. This browser is faster than Firefox on my machines. And if you liked Netscape back in the day… SeaMonkey will be a pleasant surprise… There’s just something about having browser, email, chat. address book and the HTML editor in one place that really makes for a great convenience.

I haven’t been able to crash the thing yet… And I’ve usually got at least six tabs open. Downloads are swift and clean too.

I’ve got it set up to handle my web based email accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail…etc…. No problems there either.

I’ve fiddled about working on a friend’s website in the Composer pane and no fuss there either.

Judging from the webstats for LCO… More and more people have discovered this neat little browser too.

Check SeaMonkey out HERE

Bad Ideas… Does This Count?

Bad Ideas

Animal Shaped HairPieces… I’m Not “Lion”…

Animal Hairpiece

Ambition… Sometimes It Doesn’t Help…