The Dreaded Interview Question…”Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?”…

Today’s Insults

• You stinking flea-bitten ass muncher.
• You toilet-bowl licking pus hole.
• You smell like a moldy gym sock.
• She’s illiterate with egg salad for brains.

• You’re a vindictive rancid worm who humps the dog.

Fat Bastard Wine… It’s Good!


The Perfect Battery Charger!.. My Prayers Have Been Answered!

Mama Says She’s Making Stuffed Frogs For Dinner…

Damn Taggers Are Gettin’ Out Of Hand…

So Much Trouble In The World – Bob Marley

So many people I speak and correspond with these days are filled with a sense of foreboding… I wonder whether or not the next few months will see something that we’ll look back at and wonder how we made it through…

The Electric Horse… The Answer To The Energy Crisis…

Financial Meltdown Worsens Food Crisis

From The Washington Post

While the world’s attention has been focused on rescuing investment banks and stock markets from collapse, the global food crisis has worsened, a casualty of the growing financial tumult.

As shock waves from the credit crisis began to spread around the world last month, China scrambled to protect itself. Among the most extreme measures it took was to impose new export taxes to keep critical supplies such as grains and fertilizer from leaving the country.

Oxfam, the Britain-based aid group, estimates that economic chaos this year has pulled the incomes of an additional 119 million people below the poverty line. Richer countries from the United States to the Persian Gulf are busy helping themselves and have been slow to lend a hand.

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