A Kitty Burrito… Uh… I Mean Purrito

Tastes Like Chicken!

Tastes Like Chicken!!

OMG!.. My Daughter’s Asking To Learn To Drive!.. Am I In For This?!?

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Time Is Running Out!!

Time Is Running Out!! My Kid's Gonna Be On The Roads!!

Man Gets Tired Of Gas Thieves… Doctors Up Gas… Guess What?… They Steal It!

From DearAbby.com


DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ago, I returned home after mowing the lawn at my mother’s place and parked my truck behind my house. I left the lawnmower and a 5-gallon can of gas in the bed of my truck and went into the house for a drink of water. When I returned, the gas can was missing.

I bought another can, filled it with gas and added 2 pounds of sugar. Again, I parked my truck in the same spot with the gas can visible. An hour later, it too had disappeared.

A short while later, I noticed a neighbor’s son and his friends pushing his car up the street. They said they had “engine problems.” My wife thinks what I did was wrong and that I should offer to pay for this lad’s engine repairs. What do you think? — “A-GASSED” IN ILLINOIS

DEAR “A-GASSED”: I disagree with your wife. What if the boys had another kind of engine problem and this was just a coincidence? I’m sure whoever stole your gas got an expensive lesson. Let’s hope it also saved them from a life of crime.

Time Is The Enemy… Then And Now…

Panama - 1989

Invasion Of Panama - 1989

Newark, NJ - 2008

Newark, NJ - 2008... We Still Got It!!

The Puke Monster… Your Buds Are Never, Ever, Gonna Let This Slide!

"You're Cleaning This Up, Too ...Buddy Boy!"


I Saw This On TV Today… It Moved Me…

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Now…This May Be Something Related To Scientology… I Saw L. Ron Hubbard’s Name On The Site… But The Premise Of This Particular Video Sure Makes Sense… To Me That Is.