I hate these Bugs!!… I once broke my finger when one landed on me

Swarms of Cicadas Emerging in Midwest

Midwest Braces for Billions of Cicadas to Emerge After Spending 17 Years Underground


Some people really Spoil their kids

Happy Graduation! Enjoy Your New Nose

Plastic Surgeons See More Teens Getting Work Done at Milestones Like Graduation

Cheryl and her husband, Darryl Kushner, both had nose jobs in their 20s. About two decades later, their 15-year-old daughter, Robin, was unhappy with her similarly shaped family nose and knew rhinoplasty was in her future.

“We had been talking about it for a while,” said Cheryl, 45, who thought her daughter was pretty, but plagued by that “Barbara Streisand hump.” (MORE)

Want to send anonymous email?


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You can create a secure anonymous email message to a friend or colleague by entering their e-mail address and the message, i.e. sending a password or other sensitive information that you don’t want other people to see.

The recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to a one-time secure web page which they will be able to view once and only once. Once the url has been accessed the message is deleted. You may enter your email address or just simply your name if you wish. If you do not enter an email address or name your identity will be anonymous to the message recipient.

Imagine Life Without Numbers

Life without numbers in a unique Amazon tribe

1+1=2. Mathematics doesn’t get any more basic than this, but even 1+1 would stump the brightest minds among the Piraha tribe of the Amazon.

A study appearing today in the journal Science reports that the hunter-gatherers seem to be the only group of humans known to have no concept of numbering and counting.

Not only that, but adult Piraha apparently can’t learn to count or understand the concept of numbers or numerals, even when they asked anthropologists to teach them and have been given basic math lessons for months at a time.

Their lack of enumeration skills is just one of the mental and cultural traits that has led scientists who have visited the 300 members of the tribe to describe the Piraha as “something from Mars.”

Daniel Everett, an American linguistic anthropologist, has been studying and living with Piraha for 27 years.

Besides living a numberless life, he reports in a separate study prepared for publication, the Piraha are the only people known to have no distinct words for colours.

They have no written language, and no collective memory going back more than two generations. They don’t sleep for more than two hours at a time during the night or day.

Today’s Insults

When they made you, they broke the mold – and beat the mold maker with the pieces. – anonymous

 You are so dumb, you need a cue card to say “Huh?” – anonymous

Doesn’t know much, but leads the league in nostril hair.- Josh Billing

While he was not dumber than an ox he was not any smarter either.- James Thurber