mr rodgers

Today’s Insults

You are an incalculably insufferable imbecile and a myopic, mucous-eating curse on society. – anonymous

We all spring from apes, but you didn’t spring far enough. – Allen

If you ever tax your brain, don’t charge more than a penny. - unknown

Americans are possibly the dumbest people on the planet. …We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don’t know about anything that’s happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing. – Michael Moore 

Why They Want To Keep Us Distracted

36% of Americans believe in the literal-ness of the Bible… This means that over a third of Americans believe that the world and the cosmos was created around 6000 years ago. That Adam & Eve lived with dinosaurs and that evolution and planetary science is fakery. In short… All that is , was and ever will be is strictly and definitively determined by the words in the Holy Bible… Anything else is impossible to believe and is contrary to being an adherent to God… Therefore… If you do not take the “word” literally… You are in error and a potential enemy of the “armies” of God.

Now… I consider myself a spiritual man and firmly believe that the cosmos that I observe is resultant of some… Higher… vastly incomprehensible to me… Truth.

But I’m not going to sit still and not comment on the vastness of the vileness that’s being perpetrated upon the American People by what are, in my opinion… The real forces of evil.

The vast majority of people that consider themselves part of the “Religious Right” are good hearted, spiritual people that are seeking a “oneness” with the creator. They want nothing more than to live and love in a world where crime, hate, suffering and want are not part of the human condition. Seems to me that that aproximates the concept of the “Heaven” that we’re constantly being told that we can’t have until we either die or the “end times” come to pass.

Bullfluff!! I say!… All of the horsefeatherly hokum that humans have had foisted upon them… apocalyptic warnings and ramblings have been the most common throughout human history regardless of whether you believe in evolution, creation or intelligent design. And what does it usually take to get one’s children to behave in the manner that we want? Retribution! Divine is fine…but… how many of us have heard the immortal words…”Wait til your father gets home.” Worked didn’t it?

Is there anyone out there who would argue that there have not been people throughout history who have used regular, normal goodhearted people to commit acts that ensured that their own nefariously achieved power remains absolute? “Those horrible Jews killed our beloved Christ!” … yelled Hitler, Stalin, Torquemada and others… ” Thereby lending absolution to regular people that would never otherwise consider doing so… to commit murder.

The Bible itself is full of stories of mass murder and annihilation in order for some group or person to take over or control the land, lives or ideas of the percieved “enemy” group.

The American People are being led down that same primrose path by sociopathic demogogues… some of whom we ourselves have elected to offices of great power. And sad to say… many, many otherwise decent people are buying into being manipulated in the name of God to turn a blind eye towards power plays, consolidations, xenophobias and erosions of freedoms that we will all come to regret.

Look at all of the things that have happened in the recent past that point towards these sorts of things. Gas prices through the roof and we’re told that we are to place the blame on the terrorists.. or shall we say the muslims? Never mind that our president and vice president are oilmen and that the oil companies have shown record profits for the past 5 years. Funny that when they tried to rape us over heating oil prices the winter after 9/11 and we actually squawked about it that heating oil kind of stabilized. Kind of hard to distract one’s attention away from being cold.

Isn’t it a little bit strange that whenever we stop watching american idol long enough to look around and wonder when someone’s going to do something about unemployment among American youth and minorities when there are thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the workforce with cheap labor… That the call goes out to look over your shoulders at the advancing hordes of gay people that want to get married!… How can you possibly want to deal with rampant illegal immigration when those ungodly gays are trying to get married? “Wait til your Father gets home!” He left written instructions that homosexuality is an abomination unto his sight. “Now.. go get busy paying attention to the gay folks and we’ll get another season of reality shows on to distract you.” “Never mind that we sociopathic demogogues are profiteering from the cheap labor that the illegals are doing.” Those godforsaken gays want to be just as miserable as the rest of the married folks in the world… Can’t have that.

Does the preceding paragraph remind anyone who has children of the manipulations and trickery employed when the toddler fixates on something we’d rather not give them? “Oooo! Here’s Barney!” “Go watch Spongebob!” “Here’s your Binky!” ” Open wide so the airplane can land sweetie!”…

It’s called “misdirection” by magicians and charlatans the world over.