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Surgeon General’s Warning – Cigarette Smoking Causes…

Over in Thailand every package of cigarettes must carry something stronger than a written ‘finger wag’. On both sides of the pack the Thai government requires a graphic image of what smoking does to your body. Though there about a dozen available images to choose from… I like the toothy smile (**).


These L&M Menthol Lights cost Alf 38 baht … $1.15 US cents at today’s exchange rate.

Though this package was made by Phillip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc., the front of the pack assures the user that it is a “Quality American Blend”. It is sort of comforting to know that even with all this global outsourcing at least our Virginia tobacco growers are not being hurt by cheap, foreign, inferior tobacco harvested by under-age and under-paid slave laborers.

Thanks Alf

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