Golden bathtub stolen from Japanese hotel

Fancy tub weighs 176 pounds and is worth nearly $1 million

TOKYO – A glittering bathtub made of gold worth nearly $1 million has been stolen from a resort hotel, an official said Wednesday.

A worker at Kominato Hotel Mikazuki in Kamogawa, south of Tokyo, notified police that the fancy tub was missing from the hotel’s guest bathroom on the 10th floor, according to a local police official who only gave his surname, Ogawa.

The round tub, worth $987,000, is made of 18-karat gold and weighs 176 pounds.


Is This A Form Of Road Rage?

Wendy’s manager shot over limit on chili sauce

Drive-through customer gets angry about denial of extra condiments

MIAMI – A Wendy’s manager was shot several times in the arm early Tuesday trying to protect the restaurant’s chili sauce, authorities said.

A man in the drive-through argued with an employee because he wanted more of the condiment, police said. The worker told the customer that restaurant policy prohibited a customer from getting more than three packets.

The man insisted on 10, reports said. The employee complied, but police said the customer wanted more. (Continued)

Now… THIS Would Be A Terrible Shortage!

Ethanol boom may fuel shortage of tequila

Mexican farmers burning agave fields and replanting them with corn


MEXICO CITY – Mexican farmers are setting ablaze fields of blue agave, the cactus-like plant used to make the fiery spirit tequila, and resowing the land with corn as soaring U.S. ethanol demand pushes up prices.

The switch to corn will contribute to an expected scarcity of agave in coming years, with officials predicting that farmers will plant between 25 percent and 35 percent less agave this year to turn the land over to corn. (MORE)

Insults of the Day

You are a woefully loathsome simpleton and a gluttonous, soul-destroying offense to all of good taste and decency. – anon

O, ho, monster. - Shakespeare … I wonder if this means what I think it means…

Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to like you? – Nell

The best part of you ran down your mother’s legs.- Jackie Gleason