The Worm Turned! FOX News Flunky Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine… Hilarious!

It Seems That Bill O’Rielly sent an underling named Porter Barry to the National Conference for Media Reform 2008 with orders to ambush Bill Moyers for one of his famous attack pieces and Mr Moyers flipped the script and turned on the guy like a fight trained Pit Bull…

Moyers hands this poor pebblehead his own crank on a roll with mustard and then gets the surrounding media to join in the feeding frenzy by asking a few Journalism 101 questions that the poor guy can’t answer, let alone understand…

So the real Reporters start in on this poor dude by hitting him with the same stuff he just tried on Moyers … Barry can’t run away fast enough!!

I’m Watching Auntie Harass A Rather Large Dog From Room To Room …Hilarious!…NO… Sad!

Apparently our  youngest Mastiff has commited an unpardonable offence in the eyes of 81 year old Auntie… This 120 pound pile of sweetheart (the dog that is!) is being  shooed from one end of the house to the other by an utterly angry… relatively frail… muttering…shuffling…wheezing willow branch waving refugee from a hornets nest that just won’t give it a rest.

scaredy dog

Now… Lizzie could easily knock Auntie over by accident …with near fatal results… And I’m afraid this may indeed be the case if auntie keeps hogging the right of way…

And I know this isn’t PC and some old folks league of protection is going to have me declared unappetizing or something…

But…  I swear she’s gettin’ off on bullying and daring this big ol’ animal to cross her!

“Get up!… Lay Down! … Sit!… Stay!… Move!!… Don’t Move!.. Don’t You Eyeball Me!… You ornery cuss!”

If she says ” I think What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate.”

I Quit.

Now… If Lizzie goes Postal and leaves small pieces of Auntie  floating around… I’m putting them in my Flip Boiler.

flip over

With some (carefully clipped) cat hairs… and cheese… and maybe some valium.