Today’s Insults –

“Don’t look out of the window… People will think that it’s Halloween” – Alice F. from MI

With the skimpy clothes she wears she couldn’t even hide her embarrassment. – Auntie

“He’s as gay as pink ink” – anonymous

“As confused as a blind lesbian in a fish market” - unknown

“She needs the rough end of a pineapple shoved up her arse” – anon


A Leprechaun In Mobile, Alabama…

The Only Response I Can Come Up With Is … WTF!?!

My faith in the continued survival of the human race is definitely, truly being tested.

From :

WOOoo!! Spooky! PhotoShopped!!

Levitating Islands in Bermuda Triangle Observed by Spy Satellite

levitating islands Islands in the Bermuda Triangle were photographed levitating by as much as 10 miles off the surface of the ocean in this recently-declassified image from a U.S. spy satellite.

Read MORE at:  The Eco Enquirer 

The 10 Coolest Burial Places And Tombs In The World

bones coat of arms


So You Need To Move A Heavy Object And You’ve Got Some Rope…

When I can walk again… I’m going to try this… I’ve always got a 50′ piece of rope in my vehicle… I’d like to find a use for it.

How To Pull A Van Uphill (with Only A Rope) – video powered by Metacafe

What Celebrity Is From Your State?

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