Would Gay Marriage Solve This Problem?

Aging and Gay, and Facing Prejudice in Twilight


Bruce Steiner, 76, left, helped feed his partner, Jim Anthony, 71, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Even now, at 81 and with her memory beginning to fade, Gloria Donadello recalls her painful brush with bigotry at an assisted-living center in Santa Fe, N.M. Sitting with those she considered friends, “people were laughing and making certain kinds of comments, and I told them, ‘Please don’t do that, because I’m gay”…

The result of her outspokenness, Ms. Donadello said, was swift and merciless. “Everyone looked horrified,” she said. No longer included in conversation or welcome at meals, she plunged into depression. Medication did not help. With her emotional health deteriorating, Ms. Donadello moved into an adult community nearby that caters to gay men and lesbians. (READ MORE)

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