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But We All Serve ONE God …. Right?

Most of this comes from a commentary by Jim Walker…And while I see he has some good points… All I really want to know is … Is Jesus a Republican or Democrat?… Libertarian or Socialist? … Liberal or Conservative?… Is he registered to vote?… What does He think about those high credit card interest rates???

Today we have Christians who believe in a UFO-Christ connection, Christians who believe that Jesus never died on a cross but lived, got married, and had children, Christians who believe in a Devil Jesus, Rapture-Christians who’s eschatology requires them to believe the world will end soon, and indeed, wish it to come soon, Christians who believe in Jesus, meek-and-mild, and feel willing to sacrifice their hard earned money by giving everything to the Church, Christians who believe themselves as Christ or God, Christians who believe that Jesus only came for peace and love (contrary to the Bible), Christians who believe in a manly war-like Jesus (as did Nazis and many right-wing Christians today), Christians who believe in a miracle worker Jesus who can heal through prayer alone. On and on it goes, everyone’s version varies dramatically from the other.

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Incredible as it may seem, many Christians today believe that a god created the universe approximately 6000 years ago. That means that everything in it, planets, stars, moons, comets, and even light itself, must have originated at the time (or after) the Great Creation. Consider that no energy or matter in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light. If you take the speed-of-light back in time 6000 years to the point of the alleged Creation, you get a spherical radius of only around 6000 light-years. This means that a 12,000 diameter light-year bubble represents everything that could possibly happen or exist within the time range of Christian chronology. Consider that the entire Christian universe cannot measure larger than a single average galaxy in the known universe! The miniscule Christian universe would sit as a tiny dwarf within single galaxy such as the Andromeda galaxy (shown above). And astronomers estimate that hundreds of billions of galaxies exist in the universe and that each galaxy could contain hundreds of Christian-sized universes!

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