Have We Got A God For You!… This Being Sunday And All…


Pick a God.. Any GodThis site’s got more Gods than you can shake a stick at… Besides your standard issue Greek, Roman and Egyptian Gods… They got African Gods, Celtic Gods, Finnish Gods, Japanese Gods, Mesopotamian Gods, Nordic Gods, South American Gods and a HUGE assortment of Christian Saints… They’ve got more than 3500 Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Demons and Saints to choose from…

This searchable Holy Database of All Known Gods now includes (by popular demand) martyrs and hermits.

If You can’t find yourself a God here… Then You Just Might Be…(Horrors!!)… A Godless Atheist!

And if you are.. Don’t blame me if you find scary ann under your bed.

Get Yours NOW!!!


If You’re Reading This Blog… You Are An Intelligent Person…

According to this rating site… LCO requires a Postgraduate College reading level to understand and enjoy… But… I notice that the blogs that get the biggest number of hits are rated at Junior High level or below… Maybe I should dumb it down a bit… NAH!!!

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TV Reviews

Mailboxes Of All Shapes And Sizes…

Sam Has Tons Of Pics Of All Kinds Of Mailboxes… People Send Them To Him From Everywhere… SAM’S MAILBOX PICTURES



Honest Mistake … Or Exhibitionist? … Nice Teapot Though…


Healing Foods Reference Database… Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About What Foods Heal What…

Created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as a free public service to promote health freedom and empower consumers with information about the healing power of foods.


My Son’s New Ride…

My Son’s New Ride

Airplane Flying Into WTC… I’ve Been Trying To Find Out If This Picture Is Real… Anyone Know?

911 JIT

I Generally Don’t Do Nudity… But This Guy’s Got Talent!

body paint

I Know That Face!.. Can’t Place The Name Though…

Bearded Clam