Quotable Quotes On War…

Nobody minds a war once in a while if it doesn’t last too long, and isn’t in your neighborhood.
     – Bertrand Russel

Frankly, I’d like to see government get out of war altogether and leave this whole field to private industry.
     – Joseph Heller

The real trouble with war…is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people.
     – Ezra Pound

Man running to catch one train gets run over by another… Disturbing!

Unsuspecting Man Gets Taken Out by a Train
Apparently he didn’t think that huge, white solid mass of metal would hurt him. Maybe he thought it was Jesus?

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Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner: Hacker Vulnerable?

According to an FAA document dated Jan. 2, Boeing’s blockbuster 787 Dreamliner passenger jet may have a serious security vulnerability that would allow passengers access critical aspects of the airplane’s control systems.


787 dreamliner

Boeing’s 787 Site Here 

Indian Company Announces A Car For The Masses… $2500

tata nano

Tata Company Chairman Ratan Tata announces the newly launched Tata Nano at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008. India’s Tata Motors unveiled its much anticipated US$2,500 car, an ultracheap price tag that suddenly brings car ownership into the reach of tens of millions of people across the world.

With a snub nose and a sloping roof, the world’s cheapest car can fit five people if they squeeze. And the basic version is spare: there’s no radio, no passenger-side mirror and only one windshield wiper. If you want air conditioning to cope with India’s brutal summers, you need to get the deluxe version.


This Car Runs On Air… That’s Right… Air!!! And It Costs $7000

air carThe air car, also known as the Mini-CAT or City Cat, can be refueled in minutes from an air compressor at specially equipped gas stations and can go 200 km on a 1.5 euro fill-up — roughly 125 miles for $3. The top speed will be almost 70 mph and the cost of the vehicle as low as $7000.


Cat Haiku…

You must scratch me there!
Yes, above my tail!

Behold, elevator butt.

The rule for today:
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.

New rule tomorrow.

In deep sleep hear sound
cat vomit hairball somewhere

will find in morning.

What Would Happen If The Name Jesus Was Substituted For The Name Bankei?… Would This Not Be A Gospel Story?


Right and Wrong

When Bankei held his seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend. During one of these gatherings a pupil was caught stealing. The matter was reported to Bankei with the request that the culprit be expelled. Bankei ignored the case.

Later the pupil was caught in a similar act, and again Bankei disregarded the matter. This angered the other pupils, who drew up a petition asking for the dismissal of the thief, stating that otherwise they would leave in a body.

When Bankei had read the petition he called everyone before him. “You are wise brothers,” he told them. “You know what is right and what is not right. You may go somewhere else to study if you wish, but this poor brother does not even know right from wrong. Who will teach him if I do not? I am going to keep him here even if all the rest of you leave.”

A torrent of tears cleansed the face of the brother who had stolen. All desire to steal had vanished.

Former President Carter Demonstrates A Full Makeover…

Carter drag2Before

Carter drag1After