177/119 And My Willie Still Won’t Stand Up…F*ck It!

Well At least I can see better!… Yesterday I thought dying might be in the cards… Today?!?… Meh!… I had ice cream… and 2 donuts… Tomorrow… I’ll have whatever the hell I please…


For a minute… Just for a minute mind you…. I damn near fell for that “Ya gotta be careful” crap… Dad calls.. (Late!). He’s got concern in his voice… Bless His Gruff Ol’ Heart…Love the guy to death I do… But we haven’t been big on the concern thing for damn near 50 years.. Ray from ATL calls (twice!)… Allan calls… Pancho calls… Alf shoots emails… You people are gonna keep this stuff up and next thing you know I’m gonna start taking advantage of your soft mushy hearts… You all know I’m not worth a shit on a bum’s shoe… I’ll borrow money from ya.

money toilet

I’m working on my conspiracy theory as to why the world goes friggin dormant after Obama clinches the nomination…but I’ve got to tie in the way the video of my innards looks like vapor instead of some camera cable.

Now… I’ve got a reason not to be writing this historical matter up… I was friggin dying!… But for all the big hoopla and buildup over months and months… HuffPo… CNN… MSNBC… FOX!… All you rat bastards are playing somekind of faux fashion game here… You pant and snarl and get your fancy undies twisted into sweaty balls of anticipation and when the big moment comes… You play the Ho Hum Card!

boring candle

Sooooo… Let’s just see what went down on the most boring day in the universe when The Obamanation was unleashed on a poor unsuspecting world.

Navy Reestablishes U.S. Fourth Fleet…Gone Since 1950

Prostitutes worldwide will light a candle in honor of the U.S Navy’s Decision to reconstitute the U.S. 4th Fleet… Gone since 1950…Just the navy’s little part to help stimulate the economy…

Of course the official story…

We believe the only successful exit strategy from Iraq travels a road through Iran. In general we subscribe to a theory put forth by Stratfor that events will build up towards the brink of war before a peaceful resolution is possible. We don’t necessarily believe that is how it has to be, rather we believe that is how our current leadership believes it has to be. Part of that strategy includes the buildup of rhetoric, the shuffling of resources, and the preparation in Iraq for a military action against Iran. We observe these events taking place. Much thanks to Yankee Sailor for his collections regarding the developing time line.

AOMORI, Japan—Japan’s energy chief launched a meeting of ministers from the world’s top industrialized nations Sunday by warning that soaring oil prices could trigger a global recession if they’re not checked.

Oil prices made their biggest single-day surge on Friday, soaring $11 to $138.54 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, an 8 percent increase.

On the same day, the United States announced an amazing rise in unemployment…

The Monthly Rate Jump Was The Highest Since Feb. 1986: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning

Oh My… Seems that while I was so selfishly dying in some tarted up henhouse that all these little tidbits just slipped past the watchdogs of democracy…

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had a secret meeting last night.

The Clinton campaign owes more than $30 million.

Charlie Rangel thought Clinton needed to go, and she took that “to heart,” reports Politico.

John Edwards does not want to be V.P. again.

Bob Dylan is backing Obama.

An adviser to John McCain says McCain supports the president’s electronic surveillance program, which may be a shift from his previously stated position.

Obama has begun courting the voters who didn’t back him in the primary.

“Obama needs to declare that he will refrain from playing the racial victim,” writes Juan Williams.

Hakim Jeffries said Clinton has to “engage in meaningful conversation and reconciliation” when she returns to home.

On Clinton, Peggy Noonan writes, “Most candidates lose over things, not over their essential nature. But that is what happened here. For all her accomplishments and success, it was her sketchy character that in the end did her in.”

Kimberly Strassel says there are a lot of contradictions in Obama’s message and policies.

Republicans created a web site called ClintonsforMcCain.

Here’s how black Republicans are dealing with the rise of Obama.

Poor Barack…Looks like he’s inheriting the biggest shit sandwich since reconstruction if you ask me… And I know I’m not the only one feeling like the shit’s about to impact the air circulation apparatus… At least 6 people have emailed wanting to know if I’ve got plenty of beans and bacon stashed for hard times.

I’ll try to get those pics of my innards up tomorrow… Damn windows crap!

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