I’ve decided to make my own Blood Pressure Medicine

Sitting here with a fuzzy mind and a slight ache in the back of the neck was briefly interrupted by a ripping case of heart burn that 2 alka seltzer and 4 tums barely put a dent into… Well… I’m not sittin here and waiting to have a heart attack or a friggin stroke… Sure….I keep taking the prescribed yellow pills and I get nothing…

It’s time to go Yaqui… I went and dug out the old flip over coffee maker… This thing is 60 years old at least…

flip over

This pic is of a new one… Mine looks like something the Buffalo Soldiers used when they were chasing Geronimo around the desert… What I’m gonna put in it …Geronimo would definitely recognize… Oh, of course I’m gonna put in a bag or two of Earl Grey… For flavor that is.

I should order a pizza…Jeez…Put me on hold why dont’ cha ?!?  Bag it… Don’t need the aggravation.

Anyway… gotta flip the pot again….. Man! What a stink!… My Cats are freaking out!

A few cubes of sugar and a touch of Absinthe and either I’ll die or get better… See you on the other side.

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