Goat Milk Ice Cream?… Hmmmm…

I’m the only one at my house that likes goat milk… Only kind I can drink… And I love ice cream… But ice cream will make me no fun to be around about 36 hours later!

I’m gonna hunt some of this stuff down… You’ll hear about it.

Danisco has developed a new ice cream based on goat’s milk, plugging the formulation as a means for companies to target the growing demand for speciality products. Read MORE

Can Goats Milk Ice Cream Save The World? Laura Howard thinks so. She’s created the world’s first premium goat’s milk ice cream, Laloo’s. It’s delicious, of course, and much better for us — lower in fat and lactose, and loaded with Vitamins A and D. (Health-conscious celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jim Carrey are big fans.) Plus, the company sources the goat’s milk and other ingredients from organic farms close by. Read MORE

Check out all the flavors!

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