Native American Herbal Remedies….

You’ve heard me squawk about going up on the reservation to get a cure for what ails me… Here’s a list of a few goodies that work…

Abscesses Echinacea
Aches Black Cohosh, Oshá
Anorexia Nervosa Burdock
Anxiety Skullcap
Arthritis Black Cohosh
Bleeding Gums Red Raspberry
Bronchial Infections Echinacea
Colds American Ginseng, Echinacea, ElderOshá
Convalescence after acute illness American Ginseng
Cough Black Cohosh, EchinaceaOshá
Cystitis Burdock
Dermatitis Elder
Diabetes American Ginseng
Diaphoretic (sweat-promoter) BurdockElder
Diarrhea Red Raspberry
Digestive complaints OsháRed Raspberry
Diuretic Burdock, Elder, Saw Palmetto
Eczema Elder
Expectorant Black Cohosh
Fatigue American Ginseng
Fever Oshá
Flu American GinsengEchinaceaElder

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