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Scientists Blow The “Aztec Death Whistle”…

 An old indian medicine man told me that hearing the sound of the “Death Whistle” was very bad JuJu… So I haven’t listened to the recordings on CNN’s site… Do so at your own risk.

Scientists were fascinated by the ghostly find: a human skeleton buried in an Aztec temple with a clay, skull-shaped whistle in each bony hand.

But no one blew into the noisemakers for nearly 15 years. When someone finally did, the shrill, windy screech made the spine tingle.

If death had a sound, this was it.

Roberto Velazquez believes the Aztecs played this mournful wail from the so-called Whistles of Death before they were sacrificed to the gods.

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Eating Magic Mushrooms Good For You… Say Scientists

I spent a fair amount of time in the early 80′s wandering through cow pastures in the Great Northwest looking for these… 


The benefits for people who have had positive or even mystical experiences induced by the psychedelic drug psilocybin — the psychoactive ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms’ — linger for as much as a year, according to the latest follow-up study of such patients.

The study offers more support to those who argue that, when used responsibly, some drugs more commonly taken for leisure can safely be used to relieve the stress associated with severe chronic diseases such as cancer.

I Am In Love…

throne toilet

English Will Soon Change To A Strange Language…


The targeted offenses: if you are stolen, call the police at once. please omnivorously put the waste in garbage can. deformed man lavatory. For the past 18 months, teams of language police have been scouring Beijing on a mission to wipe out all such traces of bad English signage before the Olympics come to town in August. They’re the type of goofy transgressions that we in the English homelands love to poke fun at, devoting entire Web sites to so-called Chinglish. (By the way, that last phrase means “handicapped bathroom.”)

But what if these sentences aren’t really bad English? What if they are evidence that the English language is happily leading an alternative lifestyle without us?

Thanks to globalization, the Allied victories in World War II, and American leadership in science and technology, English has become so successful across the world that it’s escaping the boundaries of what we think it should be. In part, this is because there are fewer of us: By 2020, native speakers will make up only 15 percent of the estimated 2 billion people who will be using or learning the language. Already, most conversations in English are between nonnative speakers who use it as a lingua franca.

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Take Your Pick…

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Can You Read Fast Facial Expressions?

Facial Expressions Test

What Would You Hunt A T-rex With?..

This is actually a pretty good angle…


In one of my painkiller clouded reveries… I fell into thinking about all the movies where people are shooting at dinosaurs with rifles with no apparent effect… Movies like Jurassic Park and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms…

So naturally… The question arose… If you had to hunt down a Tyrannosaurus rex and you only could have a common type gun… What would you use?

I thought… “There’s a subject that’ll pull up zero hits on Google.”… Wrong! There are over 400,000 hits … I liked this one. This guy thinks a 30.06 would do the trick.

For me… I’d grab my Marlin model 1894 chambered for .44 magnum with 300 grain solid flat point bullets… Then I’d bang away at the hip joint to get him on the ground… Maybe try for a few lung shots if the angle was right.

Lots of folks think that the big Weatherby’s and elephant rated rounds would work fine… Some folks comment on the fact that African poachers regularly take down elephants with 7.62 ammo from AK-47′s… Admittedly with at least a couple of clips… and from moving jeeps… There’s even a round called the T-rex in .577 caliber… That’s a BIG round! I’m sure it would do the trick.

But what I couldn’t believe was the number of folks who are convinced that you’d need at least an RPG or a minigun… People think that these creatures were indestructable… See what the media does?

Well… After reading up on the subject… I came to the conclusion that since these beasts were made of meat and bone… That any round that could take down a bear would be sufficient.

The only questions that remain are… How big of a rotisserie will we need? And will it taste like chicken?

What’s your opinion?