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New Yorker Obama Cover… If I Wasn’t NY Nutty Myself… I’d Be Offended…

I admit that it looks bad… real bad… Like the New Yorker is taking a heck of a swipe at the Obama’s… And I expect there to be some serious backlash on this… But I’m pretty sure it’s just snarky NYC style sarcasm…

But since this one is pushing the envelope even for this artist(Barry Blitt)… I suspect that there’ll be a firestorm anyway… And it’s the magazine’s fault for not adding some snarky text so’s that folks that don’t ordinarily deal with the NYer would get the drift… That’s the trouble with inside jokes… They can backfire real bad if they get outside the “inside.”

Unfortunately… This cover is going to provide the right wingnuts with plenty of ammo just by grabbing and putting the pic into wide circulation… Which will probably get Mr. Blitt’s goat more than all the screaming of every Obamaniac in the country.

Since I like the New Yorker… I’m putting up some other covers that might seem offensive… But they should admit that this one is bad juju and take their lumps.

New Yorker Obama

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