We’re Not That Different…

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This Is Me Going To Hospital…

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Karma Can Be A Bitch…

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Buy Your Kid A Demon Doll…

WARNING…. Travel To This Site At Your Own Risk… My Opinion Is That It’s More Of A Tongue-In-Cheek Type Site Than A “real” Satanic Site… But If You’re Easily Offended… THEN DON’T GO THERE!!

Fox News Stoops To New Low… Alters Photos Regularly…

Apparently… It’s not a good move to say anything in any way critical about Fox News… According to Media Matters

Fox regularly “adjusts” pictures of people they find objectionable… I thought that that sort of thing went out the window when Time Magazine got caught messing with OJ’s mug shot.

fox news photo1

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Fair and Balanced…Huh?

Surgery And Makeup A Bit Overdone?

overdone makeup

I’ve Met The Whole Family…

ass family

A Sure Cure For Bad Breath…

eat deodorant

Angry About High Gas Prices?… We Were Warned…

Over the last 25 years, opportunities to head off the current crisis were ignored, missed or deliberately blocked, according to analysts, politicians and veterans of the oil and automobile industries. What’s more, for all the surprise at just how high oil prices have climbed, and fears for the future, this is one crisis we were warned about. Ever since the oil shortages of the 1970s, one report after another has cautioned against America’s oil addiction.

Ninety percent of Americans  expect the pain at the pump to pose a financial hardship in the next six months, according to a recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll. Stocks now trade inversely to crude prices, and the Dow Jones industrials are in bear-market territory. Old icons have been written off, with Starbucks boasting nearly twice the market value of General Motors, which some on Wall Street say faces the possibility of bankruptcy.

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