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Driver turns tables, beats speeding ticket

SEATTLE, Oct. 3 (UPI) — Washington state police say they won’t change a favorite tactic — parking without lights to catch speeders — even though it backfired on them in court.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer said Tuesday that a motorist turned the tables on the State Patrol recently and beat a speeding ticket after alleging the cop who wrote it had violated the law himself.

Carl Hu contended in traffic court that the State Patrol violated the law when an officer parked on a highway median with his lights off to watch for speeders one night last winter.

Hu apparently convinced the judge that since civilians can’t drive at night with their lights off, police shouldn’t be able to do so either since they are also required to obey all traffic laws.

Although Hu was able to get the ticket dismissed, State Patrol officials told the P-I the judge’s ruling was made without comment and therefore was not a directive to change their operations.

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