Mexigoths… I Live In Arizona And I’ve Never Seen One Of These…

They’re Mexican, they’re goth—they’re Mexigoths. We’ve seen a lot of attention given to the subcultures of Mexican Morrissey fans and Mexican skaters like in Larry Clark’s Wassup Rockers, but what about good old-fashioned corpse-painted, ruffle-wearing goths? The Mexigoth scene in LA is huge. They have clubs that cater specifically to them (Club London, Chamber) and their own bands (Hocico, Dulce Liquido). Why haven’t we seen these Mexican goths until now? Is it because they usually travel only in shadows and mystery, by night, like fugitives from the world of the living? Or maybe it’s that under all the white pancake makeup, it’s hard to tell Mexican from not Mexican? Could it be that goth knows no race? Hmm… (READ MORE) @ ViceLand


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