Properly Pronounced English… Merican Style.

  • Bar: To take temporarily. “May I bar your eraser?”
  • Dense: A tooth expert. “Yuck!  I have a dense appointment today.”
  • Forced: A large cluster of trees. “Only you can prevent forced fires.”
  • Lays:  The opposite of genmen. “Lays and genmen,…”
  • Lining:  Electrical flash of light.  “We abandoned our picnic when we heard the thunder and saw the lining.”
  • Mere:  A reflecting glass. “Mere, mere on the wall…”
  • Mince:  Unit of time (60 sec.). “I’ll be back in a few mince.” 
  • Money:  Second day of the week. “I’ll be back next Money.
  • Neck Store: Adjacent “I’m in love with the girl neck store.”
  • Please: Officer(s) of the law.  “My house was robbed, call the please.” 
  • Sunny:  The first day of the week. “When Sunny comes, can Money be far behind?” 
  • Then:   A conjunction “I like Sunny better then Money.”
  • Winner: The cold season of the year “Many birds fly south for the winner.”

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