Be An Emotion!

At the beginning of term, a professor tells his class that none of them will pass. The three that come the closest at the end of term, will get another chance to pass. So sure enough at the end of term, no one passes. At the end of the day the professor tells the three to come to class the next day dressed as an emotion. If he guesses the emotion they flunk, If not they pass with great scores. So the next day the first students arrive, The first one enters the room. He’s dressed all in green, the prof. says “You are green with envy… so sorry but you flunk.” The next guy, comes in dressed all in red… The prof says “You’re red with anger… better luck next time.” The last guy, a geeky guy, walks in, and the professor is stunned. The man is buck naked with a hard on and a pear tied to the end, The prof says” OK you pass, but please tell me what are you supposed to be.” The guy says ” Can’t you see, I’m f*cking dis pear!”

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