OK… I’ll Bite… But I’d Rather Have A Burger…


Hey Kids !… I Found Nemo!

Found Nemo

Projectile Pooping… I Do That After Ice Cream…

You should see me 24 hours after a bowl of Cheerios…

bird squirt

To All My Friends…

friendship piss

I’ve Been Called One Of These … Many Times!

This is what you call proper job interview preparation…


And You Should Be Glad The Cat Likes You!!

room of care

Yay Brazil!!

yeah Brazil

Wanna See More Brazilian Beauty?… Check Out Alf… Over At CorkScrew- Balloon

To Our Flooded Friends In The Midwest… It Could Be Worse…

snow flood

Tire Soccer…

That’s What I’d Call A Dedicated Crew Of Real Estate Agents…

If There Are Milf’s… Are There FILF’s?

MILF Realtors

click to enlarge

A Very Likely Scenario….

dont feed seagulls

Even Darth Vader Has A Mom…

mama vader

Worldwide Disasters….


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Native American Herbal Remedies….

You’ve heard me squawk about going up on the reservation to get a cure for what ails me… Here’s a list of a few goodies that work…

Abscesses Echinacea
Aches Black Cohosh, Oshá
Anorexia Nervosa Burdock
Anxiety Skullcap
Arthritis Black Cohosh
Bleeding Gums Red Raspberry
Bronchial Infections Echinacea
Colds American Ginseng, Echinacea, ElderOshá
Convalescence after acute illness American Ginseng
Cough Black Cohosh, EchinaceaOshá
Cystitis Burdock
Dermatitis Elder
Diabetes American Ginseng
Diaphoretic (sweat-promoter) BurdockElder
Diarrhea Red Raspberry
Digestive complaints OsháRed Raspberry
Diuretic Burdock, Elder, Saw Palmetto
Eczema Elder
Expectorant Black Cohosh
Fatigue American Ginseng
Fever Oshá
Flu American GinsengEchinaceaElder

Lots More HERE

Lord Vader Gets His Way …Again

darth cheney

Vice President Dick Cheney has won his battle to withhold records from the public despite efforts by Congress and other critics who say they should be open to scrutiny.

The Democrats are conceding defeat. The party’s top investigator in the House of Representatives acknowledges that there is nothing more he can do to force the vice president’s hand.

“He has managed to stonewall everyone,” said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “I’m not sure there’s anything we can do.”

Read More HERE

impeach cheney

Mars Has Ice Says Scientists…

In This Picture… You can actually see ice dug up by the Mars Phoenix Lander melt…

Read More HERE

A Time Waster… Enjoy…


From A Single Sheet Of Paper…

 LCO posted a bunch of this type of art back in February ’08

Here’s a few more…



foot snail

See Many More HERE

Is This Photoshop?

Or can you do this with mirrors?

reverse head

Talk About Being Caught In The Middle…


Bruddah Iz… White Sandy Beach

For Inuyasha Fans… The Final Episode…

I have read all 558 episodes at least once and watched all 167 anime episodes at least twice… Not to mention the four movies…

Even though the end was predictable… I’m really sad to see the tale end… I just hope they decide to animate from episode 167 and on…

For those who’ve never heard of the dog demon… start at episode one and enjoy… Remember that manga’s are read from right to left!


click to enlarge

Inuyasha Episode 558

This particular video shows more of Sesshoumaru who is my Inuyasha’s brother… But he’s favorite character… And it also has my favorite ending song from the series.

Need A Title… Generate One Here…

Title Generator …HERE

Sand Dancer… Amazing!

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