Records or CD’s?… How About MP3′s?… Which Is Better?

Most of my music is in CD’s… But I do prefer the sound of LP’s… Don’t like the work involved though… I can tell the difference with an MP3 though… And I don’t like it… And for a long trip I will play music stored at the higher quality modes… But for everyday driving around… I plug a thumb drive in that’s loaded with MP3′s.


Sorry, vinyl aficionados, but CDs most accurately capture the clarity of musical performances. If you look at the grooves of a standard long-play record, or LP, through a microscope, you’ll see that each is filled with what look like rolling hills. These are, in fact, an extremely close replication of the shape of the sound waves from the musician’s instrument. But because the needle that carves the groove is shaped slightly different than the needle that reads it, the LP will never sound exactly like the original performance. (Not to mention that changes in temperature and humidity warp vinyl over time.)

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