Sex in Space Is Inevitable…

I suspect it’s not much different than in a pool… But dryer… I’d still like to give it a shot… Unfortunately… Mama swears she’d get spacesick… Damn!

space kiss

Weddings in space could be right around the corner, and experts figure the inevitable cosmic consummation will be just around the next corner.

The Japanese firm First Advantage and the U.S.-based private spaceflight firm Rocketplane Global, Inc., announced last week they will host weddings in space for about $2.3 million (240 million yen) apiece.

For all we know, sex in space has already taken place. But NASA officials aren’t talking about that much.

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virgin galactic

Looks like enough room… But not a lot of privacy…

galactic gal

NASA Cancels Sex In Space Mission!!! 


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