The Dalai Lama Had A Nice Chat In Aspen…

The Dalai Lama popped into a seminar held at the Aspen Institute last Saturday… As always, he dropped more than a few nuggets of wisdom… What do you expect from a guy who’s lived 13.75 lifetimes?

Anita Thompson shares her view over at HuffPo… I think she likes him…

Before His Holiness talked about the 21st as the “Century of Dialogue” (an end to what President Eisenhower so presciently warned us about in 1961), and his views of China’s original Marxist Socialism being taken over by capitalist corruption and totalitarianism, he giggled to the audience, took off his shoes, and made himself comfy in the sofa while he admired his own new scarf. Yep, it’s true, I thought, he’s indeed a child at heart, this wise, fun-loving, worshipped spiritual leader.

Of course… There were some more serious type Q and A’s…

The event included a question-and-answer session with roundtable participants. Richard Blum, chairman of Blum Capital Partners, posed the question: “In Tibet, you had a theocracy for a thousand years, but now recently, in your government-in-exile, you have decided to create a separation between church and state. Why?” The Dalai Lama’s response was direct. “The old system [of theocratic government] is out of date,” he said. “When a ruling institution becomes religious, that is harmful. Religion has a responsibility for moral principles. When one institution takes on both responsibilities, that’s dangerous, and not only out of date but, on a practical level, bad.”

dalai lamaIs that a Bodyguard?!?

Here’s a video short with some goodies from the Aspen Institute… Here’s the whole shebang …I Think… (slow download)

Good Old YouTube has the whole thing in 6 parts… This guy’s worth a listen or two… even/especially if you’re not into the whole religion for religion’s sake thing.

I ‘m a dyed-in-the-wool heathen and I find myself of like mind on a lot of subjects… Does this indicate that maybe I’ve been around the wheel of life more than a few times myself?...

No wonder I’m so damn jaded!.. grumpyweirdirasciblesurlycrustycantankerous… curmudgeonly!

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