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Death Trivia – 10 Facts

  1. In ancient Japan, it was thought that somewhere on the tail of a cat there was a single hair that would restore life to a dying person. Relatives would sometimes bring a cat to the dying person, letting them pluck a hair to try their luck. So they’d die anyway, but with a cat swatting their face with their claws...
  2. Jerome Rodale, who founded The Rodale Press publishing house, was taping an interview on the Dick Cavett Talk show. He was bragging about how he was so healthy he’d live to be 100 when he slumped over, dead from a heart attack. The show was never broadcast to the public because it’d be kinda funny.
  3. In 1970, television newsmanChris Hubbock announced, “In keeping with Channel 40′s policy of always bringing you the latest in gore and guts in living color, you’re about to see another first – an attempted suicide”. Then she pulled out a gun and fatally shot herself in the head.
  4. Paul Revere was the fist person to ever identify a body by dental records. He recognized the dead man because of work he had done joining two teeth together with silver wire.
  5. Elvis and Charles Schultz were the #1 and #2 money earning dead people in 2002. Elvis made $31 million; Schultz made $9 million
  6. Seven breeds of dog account for 98% of all fatal dog attacks. In order they are: Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Chow, Malamute, Husky, Wolf Hybrids, and the Akita. (Mothers-in-Law ranked # 11.)
  7. Crematoria ovens heat typically to 1,100-1,300 F and will burn up a 180 lb. man in about an hour and a half. There’s always bones and chunks left; everything is then ground up and those are the ‘ashes’ you get back.
  8. In 1355, when King Pedro of Portugal was crowned, he dug up his mistress to have her properly honored as queen. Loyal subjects bowed before the decorated corpse and had to kiss her hand. That was nice of him – most women can’t even get their husbands to take them out to a simple dinner while they’re alive …
  9. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, it was not a federal felony to kill a President of the United States.
  10. The Viet Nam Memorial has the names of 38 people engraved on it who are listed as killed, but weren’t.