What Is This? Snake vs. Lizard?


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Beer Seen as More Dangerous than Liquor, Wine says one study:

I agree with this statement and can categorically state that some of my most boneheaded endeavors have been beer fueled…. I have come closer to being killed when intoxicated by beer than at any other time… My hard liquor fueled shenanigans have tended to end in puking and misery… Whereas my beer fueled foolishness has lended itself to bonding and fond memories… My old buddies and I still reminisce about living through some of the beer blasted madness that fueled our youth.

(I could have saved these folks some money on this study if they’d asked me:)

When it comes to violence, all alcohol is not created equal: Beer is four times more likely to be consumed in a potentially hazardous way than liquor and wine combined, according to researcher Anita de Lucio-Brock of the Alcohol Related Injuries and Violence (ARIV) project.

Drinking also plays a role in gun violence: research has shown that 35 to 63 percent of all firearms victims had alcohol in their blood, as did 18-65 percent of all suicide victims. “Alcohol may be a factor in spontaneous or impulsive suicides,” wrote de Lucio-Brock.


That last statement about guns & booze seems to be a “DUH” moment to me… Who doesn’t know a story about booze & guns going bad? My brother once waved a loaded gun at me when we were beer -ed up… And then I socked him… Smart, huh? My grandfather said that the Good Lord looks after drunks, fools and children… We were all three at the time.