Want To See What A People Bomb Does? .. Graphic Photos Of The Aftermath Of The Benazir Bhutto Assassination Scene…


I think that too much of our news is sanitized… You can’t get truly mad about the madness if you don’t see the truth… And the truth is that it can’t be possible for anything further evolved than a trained ape to rationalize strapping on 20 pounds of high explosive in order to detonate it in a crowd of largely innocent people… These “people” fail the test of humanity in my book… And the cowardly bastards that put them up to it should be exterminated like the viruses that they are… If there are so called “religious” schools where this kind of brainwashing hatred is being openly taught… Then it should be treated like the site of an infection and sterilized.

I fail to see how one does this in the name of ANY God… Even Devil and Demon worshipers aren’t running around creating this kind of carnage… Go HERE... Read the article and look at the pictures... This excerpt pretty much says it for me…

“A lot of regular people died today, too. Some of them were poor, some were old, and they died taking advantage of their (current) right of free assembly, which most of us probably take for granted. They died and were horrifically injured participating in the political process of their country, even knowing that in the end it might not make any difference because they might still end up under the thumb of a dictator. And every single person in the pictures below is brown, and likely all of them are Muslim. These are the people that some people would like to send back “to their caves”, these are some of the people we mock as poor cab drivers or accuse of taking “our” jobs or simply overlook even when they are in front of us. They had families and lives and probably jobs when they left their houses this morning to see a political candidate speak who probably half-suspected she wouldn’t make it to the election alive but ran anyway. And it makes all the backstabbing and machinations of our candidates trying to plant stupid rumors about drug use and out-of-wedlock babies and all the rest of it seem that much more nauseating and petty to me today. “



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This Is Really Stupid… But It’s Kind Of Fun…


Chinese Display Attitude Over Toy Safety… Have Choice Words For Obama And The Rest Of The World…

“What I would do right now is I would stop all imports of these toys from China,” Obama said.

The senator suggested a ban on all toy imports from China during an economic roundtable in New Hampshire last week.

China last year exported $17.8 billion worth of toys, 37% of them to the United States, according to the China Toy Assn. The country manufactures 80% of the world’s toys.

But in recent months, amid a series of disturbing revelations about contaminated Chinese products, including pet food and toothpaste, toys have been a major source of safety worries, especially concerning lead paint. Yet anything that threatens China’s pocketbook and national pride predictably raises tempers. The foreign obsession with toy quality is genuinely baffling, if not self-indulgent and arrogant.

“Americans are only picking on us because our economy is doing well and we’re getting the Olympics,” said Chen Xuehua, 35, who was selling toys on Christmas Eve at Hongqiao market.

“Isn’t it inevitable that there is a trade-off between price and quality?” said Li Chenzi, 36, a U.S.-educated woman shopping with her 5-year-old daughter. “Of course, Chinese toys will not have the same safety standard.”

Especially to an older generation of Chinese, who were raised without the privileges today’s children enjoy, the foreign obsession with toy quality is genuinely baffling, if not self-indulgent and arrogant.

“Americans are making a big fuss over nothing,” said Jin Jian, 46, who says that as a boy he made his own toys from walnut shells. As for Obama, he said, “That . . . . [here's where the something unprintable comes in] won’t get elected if he tries to ban Chinese toys.”

Obama’s remarks about Chinese toys also provoked harsh retorts on Tianya, one of the largest Internet forums in China.

“Worse than Bush!” wrote one commentator. “An insult to China,” wrote another.


OK… So They’ve Got A Pill That Can Make You Straight Or Gay… Just Imagine The commercial For THAT One!!.. Better Yet… Imagine How Your Poor Abused Gay Bashing, Yet Closet Queer Senator Will Claim To Have Been Slipped One Whenever He Gets Snagged In A Sting!

Pop a pill and be straight or gay? It’s a lot more exciting, and complicated, than that.

The news last week that scientists induced homosexual courtship in male fruit flies by changing levels of a neuro chemical was greeted with predictable headlines: “Scientists make fruit flies gay, then straight again.” On science blogs, discussion raged about whether this meant that a drug altering sexual orientation would, or should, be developed by the demon Big Pharma. Others trotted out arguments about whether homosexuality was learned or genetic, and about its existence elsewhere in the animal kingdom, and then meandered into why places with large contingents of gays — such as San Francisco and Boulder, Colo. — are usually nice places to live.

By experimenting with altering synapse strength chemically, independent of the mutation, the researchers homed in on exactly what was at work. Manipulating glutamate transmission, they discovered, allowed them to alter — sometimes within hours — whether the flies courted males or females. The altered males interpreted the odors of other flies (the primary come-hither signal) differently from their wild counterparts.

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