This Was My Wife When I Took Away The Credit Cards This Morning…

tiger teeth

“What do you mean?!?… Christmas shopping’s over!!… How Dare You?!?!

This Video Has Been On My Hard Drive For Years… But YouTube Rejected It When I Tried To Upload It… What Gives?

This poor guy must still catch hell about this one!… But on the other hand… This delicate flower of femininity will make some lucky guy very happy some day…. And I will state for the record… That although I’m pretty sure my wife could handle me as easily as this… She never has… ‘Cuz She Loves Me.

Then There’s This Poor Idiot Who Didn’t Know Just How Far Out Of His Weight Class He Was Going To End Up

Doesn’t he know that big girls tend to travel in herds groups? Now he knows how Mustafa from “The Lion King” felt after the unfortunate Wildebeest incident…. What truly adds insult to injury here… is that this poor knucklehead is the one who ends up going to jail!.. Trampled… Gored… Publicly Humiliated and Arrested… This guy’s a candidate for a couple of shots of Jeremiah Weed

Dumbledore’s Influence?.. Or Was Harry Just Checking On Ron’s “Wand”?… Which Movie Is This From?..

ron harry

A Woman From Inside Out… A Good Time Waster… Fun To Watch…

a woman from inside out