16 Things You Shouldn’t Fear (And 16 Things You Should)

By: Pamela Redmond Satran

Via: HuffingtonPost

What You Shouldn’t Fear:



1. Ditching a secure cubicle for lower pay and an uncertain future in the job where your heart truly lies.

2. Changing your hair, your church, or your opinion.

3. Sweating, outside the bedroom.

4. Traveling to a place where your cell phone is useless.

5. Actually having what you say you want.

6. Leaving the lights on and the curtains open.

7. Your gut reactions.

8. Five pounds.

9. Mixing gold with silver, red with orange, and champagne with plastic glasses.

10. Confessing that you’re a Buddhist, a nudist, or even a conservative Republican.

11. Eating the food on the plane — they’ve solved that fear by not serving it anymore

12. Calling first.

13. Being too shy to talk at a party. If you just listen, everyone will think you’re the most brilliant person there!

14. Going into the sex toy shop. If Sue on Letterman can do it, so can you. And if you can’t, shop online!

15. Tough competition.

16. Carbs, fat and dessert.
What You Should Fear:

1. Letting somebody videotape you having sex.

2. Drinking at lunch.

3. The sentence: We have to talk.

4. Microsoft, Google, and that creepy little hotdog stand down near the subway tracks.

5. Spending more than you earn.

6. Gum disease.

7. Still not knowing whether you want to have kids when you’re edging up on 40.

8. Bears, ticks, and snakes with red and yellow stripes that touch.

9. Okay, let’s just include all snakes in this category.

10. Any doctor who responds to your questions by telling you that you don’t need to know the answer.

11. Any dentist who tells you that you don’t need anything for the pain.

12. Any dog with his ears pricked up, his body pointing forward, and his teeth all too visible.

13. Costume parties.

14. Not having a choice when you’re unexpectedly pregnant.

15. Hydrogenated fats.

16. Being afraid.

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