Is That Jar Of Pickles Expired?… What About Shampoo?… Or Mustard?


Surprising Expiration Dates

A handy, who-knew guide to 77 foods, beauty products, and household goods

Do You have stockpiled shampoo and toothpaste?.. Seldom-used silver polish? How do you know when their primes have passed?

With help from experts and product manufacturers, Real Simple has compiled a guide to expiration dates. These dates are offered as a rough guideline. The shelf lives of most products depend upon how you treat them. Edibles, unless otherwise indicated, should be stored in a cool, dry place. (With any food, of course, use common sense.) Household cleaners also do best in a dry place with a stable temperature. After the dates shown, beauty and cleaning products are probably still safe but may be less effective.

Beer – Unopened: 4 months.

Brown sugar - Indefinite shelf life, stored in a moistureproof container in a cool, dry place.

Chocolate (Hershey bar) – 1 year from production date

Coffee, canned ground – Unopened: 2 years – Opened: 1 month refrigerated

Olives, jarred (green with pimento) – Unopened: 3 years – Opened: 3 months

Olive oil - 2 years from manufacture date (After this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume.)

Peanuts – Unopened: 1 to 2 years unless frozen or refrigerated – Opened: 1 to 2 weeks in airtight container


There’s Also A TABLE OF CONDIMENTS brought to you by the mysterious people at F.N.O.R.D.,

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